The Customer:

Stratford Insurance Group is a small, independent insurance agency located in Utah. Founded in 2008, the company currently has 18 employees. Stratford specializes in commercial insurance, with a focus on industrial niche areas including trucking and construction insurance. Stratford Insurance Group is a user of the Raven Scanner.

Customer challenge #1: large volumes of paper going to multiple destinations

As a self-described “computer software nerd” for Stratford, Steve Neidig describes his job as “keeping everything technical running and up-to-date.” Neidig explains that “traditionally, the insurance industry has always been very paper-intensive. This is a highly regulated industry, and that requires a lot of paperwork, sometimes hundreds of pages long, and often involving signatures. The problem in the past has always been how to file and manage all of this paper.”

“Formerly, we needed copies of the paperwork here in the office -- it used to be that if someone called into our office, we had to find their physical file. Plus, since we are an independent insurance agency, each policy had to be sent to the specific insurance carrier for that policy. And we sent customers copies of their policies. But, when the company started, we had a goal to become paperless as fast as possible.” One of Neidig’s initial mandates as Systems and Technology Manager was to find the technology to make that goal possible.

Customer challenge #2: TWAIN driver

Neidig explains that one of the things that made finding scanner technology that worked for Stratford Insurance’s operations is that big business software applications utilize TWAIN driver protocols. Any big business software applications utilize TWAIN drivers.  “We knew from the beginning, it was essential for any scanner we used to have a TWAIN interface. When we first started looking, it was difficult to find a cost-efficient scanner that had TWAIN driver capability.”

Customer challenge #1 solved by Raven Scanner sending large volumes of paper to multiple destinations

Neidig states, “Raven Scanner Pro easily scans even long documents in a short time. By using Raven Scanner, we’re now able to send a copy to the cloud for our files, plus send copies to the insurance agencies and the customer – all of that happens pretty much instantly by selecting the destinations for the scan.”

Neidig notes that, thanks to Raven, Stratford Insurance is meeting its goal of becoming a paperless office, even scanning each day’s mail.

Customer challenge #2 solved by Raven Scanner’s TWAIN interface

“The fact that the Raven Pro has TWAIN capability means we can scan information directly into our software,” says Neidig. “Having the TWAIN driver, while still being a standalone product that doesn’t have to be connected to a computer is one of the features that makes Raven and outstanding product.”

The customer’s conclusion: Raven Scanner from is “a home run”

Stratford Insurance Company’s Systems and Technology Manager, states he recommends the Raven Pro Scanner “with no reservations at all.” Neidig recalls that “the only minor complaint I ever had about the scanner was that early on, there was a slow-down in scanning large documents due to buffering time. I mentioned it to Raven, and they eliminated that issue with their next update.”

Neidig lists a few features as impressive about the Raven Pro Scanner:

  • Highly responsive customer service team can log in and fix any concerns remotely
  • Ongoing software improvements sent over the air, can be installed with the touch of a button
  • Very competitive pricing compared to other scanners

“Overall, would recommend Raven Scanner without any reservation,” says Neidig. “It has been a great addition to our office technology.”


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